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Ray Brown, July 1975, Concord Summer Festival, 16-23-28. Quintessential Jazz Bassist.  He took part in a number of early bop recording sessions with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, and others, and played in Gillespie's big band (1946-47), "Two Bass Hit" [mp3]. Thereafter he toured for several years as the music director for Ella Fitzgerald, who was at that time his wife.<br />
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In 1951 he performed and recorded with the Milt Jackson Quartet (the forerunner of the Modern Jazz Quartet) and began a long affiliation with Oscar Peterson's trio, which brought him international recognition and a popular following; for more than a decade he dominated jazz popularity polls for the double bass. After leaving Peterson's trio in 1966 Brown settled on the West Coast, where he became active as a freelance and studio musician.